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"The present-day Richmond family members come from a long line of Christians who were never enslaved and who migrated from different parts of the world to come to America."
-Ancestry Site


Marko Mayombe is a Palo Mayombe High Priest and Moorish Science Master born into the International Richmond family known for its root workers, Boule leaders, and political figures. Marko's father was a top-secret military scientist, and his uncle was the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce. After graduating from Howard University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Marketing, Marko followed in the footsteps of his Caribbean grandparents who practiced Jamaican Obeah and Palo Mayombe. To learn more read, Marko Mayombe's new Ebook 'Palo Mayombe Initiation: Real Secret Society Rituals Revealed.' The thing to kept in mind about Marko Mayombe is he is an heir to the dark spirituality of the Kongo Criollos who founded secret societies to preserve the Free African tradition they inherited from Andalusian Moors and Jews. For more than a decade, Marko has used his knowledge of Jamaican Obeah and Palo Mayombe to help Howard Alumni tap their full potential as professionals. Marko Mayombe is prepared to help more people interested in Ifa, Santeria and Palo Mayombe achieve their goals. The first step is to get a psychic secret society reading to determine your purpose on this planet and where you fit into the Network. If you get a psychic secret society reading from Marko Mayombe it will be a joyful experience that you remember for the rest of your life!

Marko Mayombe's psychic secret society readings are based on his ordained priesthood in Kimbiza Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje (Saint Christ of the Good Voyage), a secret society founded in the mid-1800s by a Cuban Haitian Freemason and Free Man of Color named Andres Facundo Cristo de Los Dolores Petit. Tradition holds that Petit's secret society catered to men and women whose prestigious lineages stemmed from the Royal Kongo Bloodline and Kimbiza Court established in the late 1400s by the Angolan Knights Templar Mpemba Nzinga, King Alfonso I of Kongo.

The ancestral worldview propagated by Petit's secret society paved the way for an ultra-exclusive fraternity founded by the grandsons of the Free Men of Color with Masonic Knights Templar degrees. In 1904, American Kongo Criollos (or Melungeon Indians) incorporated a Boule for professional men from the Masonic Lodge. The Boule's six founders created a magical logo that depicts an Afro-Cuban Prenda and one of the symbols used in Petit's secret society to honor the Palo Kongo deity named Mari Wanga Centella Ndoki (Santa Candalaria). Read Marko's new Ebook 'Palo Mayombe Initiation: Real Secret Society Rituals Revealed' to learn the connnection Petit's religious institution has to the Melungeons that founded the modern Boule to inspire the Third Race and the Talented Tenth.   

Marko Mayombe is the new ancestral voice of the Christianized Kongo Criollo mystery tradition that had a profound effect on the development of Haitian and Cuban Freemasonry. He inherited great powers from Red African ancestors born with the Richmond surname. Anyone who was born into a Richmond family should consider using Marko's psychic secret society readings and spiritual services to improve his/her life. It must also be stated that if you were not born into a Criollo lineage you can still benefit from Marko's keen insights as a registered minister and spiritual life coach. Contact Marko Mayombe today to set up an appointment to get the psychic secret society reading that will reveal to you how to effectively use Hoodoo and the Law of Attraction to succeed in all areas of life.


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