Revenge and Death Spells

Tata Lou is the red sect voodoo priest who works in the cemetery at midnight.

He will turn stones on the tombs of nine tormented souls so that your enemies start to pay dearly in as little as 24 hours.

You can use his VOODOO DEATH AND REVENGE SPELLS against people who have treated you wrongly. You can destroy someone who has spread wrong information about you or got the dream job that you would have wanted.


Revenge spells can be used to ruin people’s lives in different ways. There are hell fire spirits called duppies and nfumbe to devour the energies of others and take away their souls too.


This is serious obeah business from Cuba and Jamaica. Tata Lou is a master psychic who calls enemies by name. There is nothing hidden darkness that this powerful red sect voodoo worker cannot bring to light.