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Marko Mayombe has created a new form of self hypnosis music to activate within the biogenetic encoding of the listener the superhuman powers of advanced spellcasters initiated into Haitian Voodoo and it's Afro-Cuban derivative called Obeah and Palo Mayombe. A Haitian writer provides the best description of the type of powers that can be activated from listening to Marko's self hypnosis. In 'Vodou Quantum Leap,' Dr. Reginald Crosley writes: "Having made the quantum jump through the ambiguity barrier, the Zandorist in his composite state with the vodoun is a new entity in itself, a wave function presented as a coherent superposition of all possibilities. What are those possibilities? The power of ubiquity or being everywhere and nowhere at the same time, time travel in the past and in the future, teletransportation, levitation, the power of telepathy and telekinesis, the power of visibility and invisibility, the power of materialization and dematerialization, the power of metamorphosis or avatars, the power of healing, the power of invulnerability, the power of death and resuscitation, and the power of possession or channeling over individuals, animals, or objects." To activate within the DNA of every listener the powers of the most advanced black magic spellcasters on the planet, Marko Mayombe blends the self hypnosis technique of Hutton with the trance-inducing Kongo drums and chants of Palo Mayombe. Listen to Marko's hypnosis tracks daily to develop pyschic powers and the uncanny ability to cast with your mind alone very potent black magic spells for love, revenge, protection from curses and hexes, good health, and material success.