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"In the Heroic Age of Greece, there was the BOULE, or Council of Chiefs, men, who, like the King, whose advisors they were, traced their descent from the gods."
- Charles H. Wesley

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In Caribbean Bantu forms of shamanism, a rite is a religious ceremony that honors a saint or ancestor. The darkest rites of the cemetery gave Haitian Freemasons with a Kongo Criollo heritage Supremacy, that is, a condition or state superior to their adversaries. The rites that survive today as Briyumba Congo are what the Maroons and Masons used to win the Haitian Revolution and establish the first Free African Republic. We also have reason to believe that rebellious Free Men of Color (Criollos) who were Freemasons used the the Palo rite during Cuba's Ten Years war. Judith Bettleheim informs: "As early as 1811 Jose Antonio Aponte, a free black carpenter, organized an important uprising in Havana, and it is said that Cuban Freemasons were solidly behind his strategies." The Palo Boule Secret Society embloys authentic Afro-Cuban Treaties from Briyumba, Mayombe, and Kimbiza to enforce Rite Supremacy. The Great Work of the Rite Supremacists is to use Kongo Criollo rites to revive the Great Work of the Tribe of Black Gentry. Join Marko Mayombe on Patreon to learn more about secret society rituals we inherited from the Haitian, Jamaican and Cuban Freemasons that invented Palo to preserve the Kongo Rule.

"According to Henderson Roll, the Cherokee Census of 1835, Richmond is a popular surname for Free Indians of Color. Nearly all Cherokee men born into Richmond families were Masons. They founded the Yamaye Guani Nation of Richmond Town, Jamaica. I am a spiritual messenger from this type of lineage."
-Marko Mayombe

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