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Results will vary from person to person based on the individual's situation.

"Those who have been initiated into the Mysteries and have passed the BOULE ZEN (trial by fire) are born anew."
-Joan Dayan, Haiti, History, and The Gods

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ABOUT Marko Mayombe 


Marko Mayombe is a singer of Afro-Cuban ritual music (Santeria/Palo Mayombe), an African Futurism writer, ordained minister, spiritual life coach, and Howard Alumni. Not only does Marko Mayombe hold degrees in psychology from Howard University, but he has also studied hypnosis and has released Afro-Cuban music tracks for self-hypnosis purposes. Marko Mayombe is famously known in New York City as Doktor Lucifer, an Obeah Man and Hoodoo Doctor who many believe has the power to cast Jamaican Obeah and Haitian voodoo spells for love, wealth, power and protection from evil spirits and hexes. Marko's great success as the Hoodoo Man Doktor Lucifer is the reason his business profile has close to a million visits with excellent reviews. Since 2013, Marko Mayombe has helped successful Howard Alumni tap their biogenetic potential by venerating the spirits of the Central African Malungu that created Palo Mayombe in Haiti and Cuba; and paved the way for the rise of the Old Black Elite and the first Boule for people with Kongo Criollo roots. Marko Mayombe is the secret society leader of the Palo Boule called Templo Kongo Malongo. As a secret society leader of the highest degree, Marko Mayombe offers accurate pyschic readings and spellcasting services for those who believe that Haitian Voodoo, Jamaican Obeah and Palo Mayombe are the strongest forms of voodoo and witchcraft on the planet. Call Marko Mayombe today and begin to experience the dark power Paleros call Prenda.


"The man who swears to God also swears to the Devil."

-Palo Mayombe Proverb


Call Marko Mayombe today for accurate Psychic Readings and black magick spell casting services.

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This is not a medical service, and the employees of this business are not doctors. All advice and information provided to you is subject to varying results. Results will vary from person to person based on the individual's situation.

All Sales Are Final. By Purchasing Any Marko Mayombe, Reading Or Spiritual Service/Spell You Are Agreeing To Purchase Of Service In Good Faith. Since Marko Is Just The Practitioner Results May Vary.

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