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The leader of the Palo Boule Secret Society has written a book that will ruffle some feathers. Marko Mayombe tells the story of a young man who enrolls at Howard University as part of a rigorous training to succeed his father as the leader in the Sigma Pi Phi, a secret society patterned after Yale's Skull & Bones and the Knights Templar.

The young man's quest for ancient knowledge and power leads him to the darkest side of Palo Mayombe, where he makes a deal with the Devil in the cemetery. While Marko tells his extraordinary story, he also makes certain that he expounds on the very special connection Palo Mayombe has to the Melungeons, Native Americans, Medieval European History, Moorish Science, Freemasonry, the Knights Templars, and the Sigma Pi Phi Boule. "Palo Mayombe Initiation: Real Secret Society Rituals Reveal" is the only Palo Mayombe book that describes step by step the dreaded pact Haitian Paleros make with Lukankazi. This Ebook is one of a kind. It is a must read for anyone interested in real secret society initiations.


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